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Alexandra Egan

Founder & Owner of Domino Effect Consulting
Mentor and Communication Consultant | Trainer & Facilitator | Conference Speaker & MC | Author
Certified Meta Practitioner | Trained Professional Coach | Behavioural Profiler

Hi, I’m Alex,

Founder, Leadership Mentor, Facilitator and Speaker

Alexandra Egan is a highly accomplished Mentor, Facilitator, Researcher, devoted mother of 2, and grandmother of 4. She specialises in Meta-Cognition and Mindfulness in Organisational, Leadership and Personal Development. A natural-born innovative, inspirational, powerful leader, Alexandra is an expert at dealing with all personalities and environments. She is recognised for her ability to manage, nurture and support individuals to better understand themselves and others on a much deeper level, by developing the right skills they need to master every area of their life. From conquering fears and bad habits to being happy, confident, and successful in their personal and professional life.  Alexandra has built a solid reputation as a straight shooter who gets results and the job done.

An Internationally recognised Facilitator, Coach, Mentor & Speaker, who has completed over 5,500 hours in fieldwork. She has co-authored a Bestselling Leadership book ”Change Makers” and created multiple programs. Alexandra is currently completing her Certificate IV Trainer and Assessor, and is also completing her Graduate Certificate of Business Administration at Swinburne University. She’s a member of the Chamber of Commerce and other networks and continues to research, teach and consult in her field of expertise.

Communicator – Connector – Influencer

If you’re anything like me, you want to find a solution…

Alexandra Egan is natural born innovative, inspirational leader, developing and strengthening relationships, connecting with people and building rapport; with a profound ability to cultivate relationships and remove any obstacles, engaging from commencement, building trust, unleashing and extracting the creative talents of any individual she meets.

As the founder of Domino Effect Consulting & Facilitating, Alexandra developed the RESET Program, giving people a step by a structure, a framework, a process to help you achieve what it is you want to achieve, because if you achieve what it is you want to achieve, then this will give you the confidence, the competence, the motivation, and the drive you need to keep going, especially during uncertain times.

There’s never been a more important time for mentorship than right now.

Now more than ever do we need to up our game as communicators, as connectors, as influences, and as leaders.

Alexandra brings her insights, learnings, and highly impacting skills,  to help you and those around you achieve success.


When I met Alex I was in one of the biggest challenge periods of my life.  Out of options! Where to from here? No Idea.

Alex is a total professional with Prowess and Vast Arsenal of insights, tactics and tools, and complete understanding of where I was.  Her ability to walk with me and challenge me with some tough love and pertinent insights was pivotal in assisting me to get the clarity, direction and certainty necessary to get me back on track.

Alex is generous, highly qualified and totally committed to my growth and the best results possible.  A real gem and a pleasure to work with I am very fortunate to have found and engaged Alex Egan. The Domino Effect Coaching.

Thank you Alex for you dedication and service above and beyond the expected.

Get Alex on your team with total confidence. Highly Recommended 5 Stars.

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