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Develop Your People with Behavioural Analysis

What is Behavioural Analysis?

EDISC Behavioural Analysis is an advanced behavioural profiling tool available in over 60 languages today.

Behavioural analysis tools provide businesses with information to maximise the performance of their employees.

Behavioural Analysis tools are practical, easy to understand and implement. They are used to promote productivity and teamwork, support recruitment decisions and enhance communication.

The Extended DISC® behavioural analysis comprises 24 questions (48 sub-questions).

Although they sound rather straightforward, behavioural analysis provides surprisingly accurate insights into human behaviour, helping businesses to recognise their people’s strengths, development areas, what motivates and what demotivates them.

Based on the highly validated and acclaimed Extended DISC® model, the ipsative style analysis identifies both a person’s ‘natural’ and ‘adapted’ behavioural style – something many profiling tools fail to do.

Through behavioural analysis you will learn

Team Profiling

No matter how small or large your team is, understanding the balance of behavioural styles and dynamics is integral to a happy and productive team.

Team Profiling provides organisations with a clear, easy-to-use framework to understand complex team issues quickly, solve problems, and to improve performance and communication. It also creates a safe environment to discuss challenging topics productively, making it easy for managers and leaders to delegate the right tasks to the right team member by matching up team member skills with relevant duties.

Team profiling is a tool that combines all the individual assessment results into one report. It shows the team dynamics, strengths, and development areas of every team member individually and as a whole. It illustrates how the team members are adjusting their behaviors in the existing work environment.

Psychometric Test

The phrase ‘Psychometric Test” sounds scary! Really this is just a word to describe the process of understanding a person’s behavioural style and the skills that they can complete without any effort or those that take more energy and concentration.  According to The University of Auckland, a psychometric test is a standardised test designed by psychologists to measure a person’s mental performance and identify their personal type to determine their behaviours and potential.

Generally speaking, there are two types of Psychometric Tests:

  • Ability Tests which assess different abilities like a person’s mathematical skills and knowledge to understand written information
  • Behavioural Assessments which analyse how likely a person is to behave in a workplace and their ideal working environment

Team Behavioural Analysis

Team Behavioural Analysis is the combination of several individual Behavioural Analysis results combined into one.  It assesses team dynamics, communication issues, team roles and gaps, as well as potential areas of conflict.

This assessment tool provides an easy-to-use framework to understand complex issues quickly, solve problems and improve performance, productivity and morale.

A powerful tool for management and leadership to alight their business or team strategy with the behavioural styles of existing team members.

It is also used successfully in recruiting new team members to balance the team’s competencies and help ensure a happy and balanced dynamic within the workplace.

Leadership 360 Feedback

Open 360 degrees feedback is a tool that gathers feedback using their unique criteria.  Open 360 is a customisable and flexible tool for measuring skills, competencies and behaviours.

A Leadership Open 360 involves receiving feedback from multiple colleagues, managers and direct reports.

Occasionally external suppliers also provide feedback.

Respondents provide feedback on your leadership qualities.  The feedback is then collated into one anonymous report to identify strengths, development areas and blind spots quickly.

Individual Behavioural Analysis

Help identify, recruit and retain the most suitable candidates.

Understand your people’s behavioural strengths.

Improve and enhance professional and personal communication.

Develop self-awareness and improve overall performance.

Understand how to get the most out of your workforce.

Grow and Develop Your Team

We are all unique and although our approach makes perfect sense to
us, we need to understand how we are different and how we can more effectively interact
with others through knowing their style and, therefore, ultimately improving our ability to connect, motivate, and influence.


After securing my first leadership role, I knew I needed support and guidance. Alex was the first person I knew that had experience and knowledge in behavioral psychology and leadership mentoring.

Alex has been fantastic throughout my time with her, always professional but also amazing at creating a connection with you.

Her knowledge and skills have helped me be in a better position as a leader and I can use my questionnaire results to enhance my skills as a leader.

Thank you Alex for being amazing.

I have been lucky enough to be coached by Alex Egan from The Domino Effect. I love her directness, her authenticity and her ability to challenge me to be my authentic self in both my business and my life. I can’t wait to keep working with Alex and facilitating more change. Such a challenging, confronting, inspiring and exciting journey.