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Every Monday and Tuesday evenings I deliver online training and mentoring to professionals who tune in from all over the world.

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I’ve been running these online training sessions now well over 5 years, meeting 1000’s of incredible individuals along the way and in every one of these people, lies a pattern…one that is the same whether they are a startup, nurse, exec, business owner, or leader of a large organisation.

The common thread, the pattern that lies within each of us, is what I call ”The Overwhelm Pattern” that keeps us stuck.

We can all be stuck in different ways:

⚠️Successfully stuck

⚠️In business performance

⚠️Stuck in tactics, not strategically thinking

⚠️ Stuck saying ”I can do it all myself”

See, the pattern, the strategy for overwhelm is when we think about too many chunks of information at one time.

Overcomplicating the simple is the best way to do overwhelm.

To overcome ”overwhelm” is to learn Benchmark Thinking.

Benchmark thinking provides a structure, a way to simplify what we might otherwise consider too hard… too much to do…or out of reach…kind of thinking, that establishes a standard that we follow.

Benchmark Thinking teaches us to Categorise information structurally in our mind.

It’s taking 1 Chunk of information, for example, let’s take Marketing. Marketing is such a broad topic, and it can be an overwhelming topic if you’ve never done it before. If we categorise Marketing into sub-chunks, however. Such as:

  • Launch Strategy
  • Landing Page
  • Lead Magnet
  • Website
  • Facebook Campaign
  • Self-Hosted Events
  • Autoresponder

Marketing suddenly becomes more manageable, a more thoughtful approach to the organisation of thought.

When we start to think and communicate in terms of #Benchmarks, then we have a framework and a structure for creating success.  Those who don’t have a benchmark for thinking, don’t really have standards or a structure to follow in getting the results they need, instead, they start to feel that things are too hard, too difficult, and then become overwhelmed.

To learn more about how to ”Benchmark” your thinking and that of your team, book in your FREE 30 minute Discovery Session

We are not just a being of ‘do’ers’ we are a being of thinkers and our thinking is what sets us apart from the rest.

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