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Planning Template

The amount of time spent planning must be strategic, purposeful and determined by circumstances. 💡It is inefficient to spend more time planning than is needed because time is the most important asset we have and how well we manage it will determine our performance and productivity. 📥Download the Planning Template below and manage your time […]


Trigger words and phrases that help to identify people’s skills needs and wants

‘Tell me how’ VS ‘Show me how’ We all learn so very differently and if we develop the skill to understand trigger words, then this provides us clues on how someone likes to learn. As a trainer and assessor I’ve learned that trigger words can help to identify people’s skills, needs and wants. For example:  […]


Marketing Plan

How do I market my business so that I can become and remain visible to my target audience? This is such a great question, an important question and one that I get asked all too often as a small business mentor. First of all, let’s define the meaning of marketing, because marketing means so much […]


Develop Strategies for Growth – SWOT-T Analysis

‘Business has only two functions, Marketing and Innovation’ – Professor Peter Drucker, management theorist How well do you understand people and how they behave? Because being great at marketing and innovation requires sound judgment as well as creativity. Sound judgement, understanding people, their behaviours and being creative, means developing your skills in analysing things quickly […]


Recognise how to communicate to different people and have behavioural flexibility

Effective communication is two fold. It’s being both a good listener and a good communicator.  Being a good communicator means having behavioural flexibility, because there is no single way to communicate. And the person with the most behavioural flexibility, controls the situation.  👉Listening to hear, not to be heard.  👉Seek to understand before being understood […]


Action Plan Template

Create A ‘Do-not -do’ list. It’s just as important, if not more than a ‘to do list’… Our days can get bogged down with so many different tasks. Trying to prioritise can sometimes feel almost impossible. Things begin to pile up and we start to feel stressed, lose focus and become unproductive. It’s exhausting, deflating […]