• Workplace Training and Communication Solutions

Workplace Training and Communication Solutions

Gap Analysis

Identify what’s going on. What your biggest challenges are. What the opportunities are. Where you and your team are headed. Why it matters. What we can do together to help you achieve what you want as a team and as an organisation. 

Lead and Manage Change

Discover why people resist change and learn how to recognise the patterns and build confidence in individuals and teams.

Internal Communication Strategies

Improve your internal communication process by strategically aligning the right message for your people and business needs to boost engagement, performance  and productivity.

The Leader as a Coach and Mentor

Bring out the best in your people by tapping into 30+ years of Alexandra’s coaching and mentoring skills. Learn the practical skills and strategies to coach and mentor your team to their success with confidence and conviction.

Building Trust and Mutual Understanding

Discover how to build trust and responsiveness, to overcome resistance, improve greater choice, better decisions and thinking processes.

RESET Your Thinking

RESET Your Thinking and Understand how to employ effective leadership strategies to influence action and boost performance and productivity. 

Employment Success Program

This program is for the person who is looking for the life skills and job readiness tools they need to help set them up for Employment Success. You will receive The Most Advanced mentoring and support you need to extract the very best of who you are while you prepare to look for and find work. 

Lunchbox Learning Presentations

A wonderful way to provide your employees, your team with an interesting alternative to a typical lunch break. An opportunity to improve morale, boost employee engagement, and create a fun place to learn, bringing everyone together in an informal manner.  (online and F2F option) 

Develop Your Consulting Skills

Move from reactive to a more collaborative approach.  This is for the consultant who wants to learn how to better understand and manage their own emotions, as well as recognise and influence the emotions of those around them. Gain  access to powerful strategies and techniques on how to adjust your own behavior and communication to have ultimate influence


I have never met Alexandra in person, but I have had the extreme pleasure of attending multiple webinars that she facilitated.

Alexandra has a very engaging personality and natural charisma that entices the audience to participate allowing for everyone to get more out of the presentations.

She ensures everyone is acknowledged and their presence is appreciated, and no matter the subject, she is able to inject her sense of humour and share insights that are relatable with all the passion she possesses.

My takeaways from her webinars always exceeded my expectations, she answers all questions presented, and she ensures that all events end on a positive note.

Alexandra is definitely a role model to me as she exemplifies qualities and character at the high standards I would also love to be recognized for in my life.

I highly recommend Alexandra as a  facilitator!

Alex has such warmth and approachability that make her classes a pleasure. She has a sense of excitement and ease at the same time.

Excellent classes! Alex explains everything so well. I find the classes so engaging, interesting and relevant!

Alex is very professional and well-organised, but flexible and inclusive with her facilitation. Thanks Alex. I enjoyed and received value from your clear and informative presentations.

Alex Egan has a great facilitation style. The content is great and I would love to have heard more.

Very interactive and Alex includes us all in her classes. Thank you Alexandra for your generosity of time and wisdom. It’s very much appreciated and valued.