What is Workplace Analysis?

Workplace analysis helps to identify and assess a set of behavioural traits and abilities to support your business to make the best possible hiring decisions and develop your people.

Workplace Analysis not only helps with the selection process, it’s also a powerful tool to use throughout the employee life cycle; assisting with onboarding, team building and on-going development conversations.

Workplace Analysis helps managers, leaders and recruiters to analyse aspects of an employee or candidate that are not easily uncovered via traditional methods such as interviews, team building activities and personal development.

Even more than that, Workplace Analysis provides a deeper insight into a person’s strengths, motivators, and learning capacity, predicting how they may behave in a workplace environment.

When managers recognises this of an employee, this then helps to provide the right support and create an ideal working environment for that person.

This awareness has a domino effect on employee engagement, morale, performance, productivity, growth, and success.

Contrast to this, a mismatch between a team member and an organisation can get quite costly and detrimental to organisational growth and success.

Human potential cannot be captured in using just one single metric, a more comprehensive and predictive suite of assessments are necessary to analyse and predict behaviour to enhance organisational performance; This is what Workplace Analysis provides.

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