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Reset Your Thinking – Work Smarter, Not Harder!

In this session, Alexandra will look to empower you to break old habits, negative thinking and bad programming from your past, showing you how to let go of old thinking patterns that are holding you back and keeping you small, and start building new ones that propel you forward in the direction of your goals and your incredible transformation, so that you can be uniquely YOU.

Professional Development Forum (PDF) was established to help diverse young professionals reach their full potential in the modern Australian workplace.

  • We believe that everyone, not the elite few, should have access to the knowledge, mindset and network to develop themselves.
  • We believe that by becoming the best version of ourselves, we lead a happier, more fulfilling life and inspire those around us to do the same.
  • We do this by running events that aims to inform, connect and inspire, and share what we learnt with our community.

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Pushing the Limits of Productivity

Are you ready to take your productivity to the next level?

Choice Partnerships Commercial presents this FREE online workshop – Pushing the Limits of Productivity.

The event will be hosted by Choice Partnerships Commercial National Partnership Manager, Dino Pacella.

Date and time

Tue, 12 October 2021

10:00 AM – 11:15 AM AEDT

Dino will be joined by the below experts.

Alexandra Egan – Expert in Enhancing Workplace Productivity – R.E.S.E.T Your Thinking To Boost Productivity

Christian Malouf – Head of Sales Northern Region Advantedge – White Label (Choicelend)…The Ultimate assistant to Productivity

Dennis D’Angelo – Choice Partnerships Commercial Relationship Manager Southern Region – How the CPC referral model is assisting brokers scale up productivity.

Mark McInnes – Sales Capability Consultant – Sales Productivity through Smarter Targeting

How to Set Up Your Teams Ideal Average Day for Optimum Results.

This training is designed to assist individuals and teams to get clear on what they want. So many people are clear on what they don’t want and what makes them unhappy. It’s far less common for people to know exactly what is they do want to experience, and then how to get it.

Your deal Average day is the day you want your team to have for optimum results.

Here is a sneak peek:

To listen to the full episode  CLICK HERE

To watch the full LIVE online webinar CLICK HERE

Click the link below to enquire about scheduling in a training/workshop for your team on ”How to Set Up Your Teams Ideal Average Working Day for optimum results” .

How to Lead with Confidence

Boost your confidence and self-esteem to lead, engage, and influence your team members to take action!

IN this FREE 45 minute online experience you will learn:

  • The ONE thing that’s holding you back from stepping into your leadership power
  • The 3-Step Proven Leadership Model that will help you to gain the confidence and certainty you need to influence action, boost engagement, performance and productivity
  • A simple, easy to follow powerful exercise to identify what your opportunities are, where you’re heading and what you can do to achieve what you want

Introduction to Becoming a Powerful Communicator

Help Your People Feel Engaged and Part of a Team

How do you get your people back in the game, back on track so that they’re motivated, productive, functional, and producing their best work?

Discover how you can help your people feel engaged and part of a team, whether working remotely or in-house and get them back in the game. 

How to build trust and mutual understanding through mentoring.

As Leaders, we are uniquely positioned to empower change for individuals and organisations through this time…

There’s never been a more important time for mentorship than now.

Now more than ever we need to up our game as communicators, as connectors, as influences, as leaders.

Join me on this FREE 60-Min Mentorship ZOOM where I will share with you a structure, a framework, a step by step process, to help you develop and help people achieve what it is they want to achieve, because if you can help someone achieve what it is they want to achieve, then this will help build their confidence, their competence, their motivation and drive to keep going, especially during these challenging times.

Past Events

Leading in Times of Crisis

Leadership is not just about telling, it’s leading the way when the world is changing around us when times are tough. filled with uncertainty.

This half-day event provides you and your team/clients with tools, resources, and the mindset needed to:

  • effectively connect, engage, influence and empower
  • create an environment where innovation and passion flourish
  • build the structure that ensures consistency and replicability
  • create a culture of high performance and transformation

Four power-packed hours with leading experts within their own field of leadership, sharing best practices, new skills, and how to drive change.

You’ll get access to the tools, skills, and resources to help you impact your team and your clients during times of uncertainty.

This is a landmark event that people will talk about for a very long time. A turning point for many. This event will be something you’re either a part of or wish you had been.

Adapting in Times of Crisis

Alexandra LIVE on Radio Eastern FM – 98.1 with Roger Broadbent speaking on Adapting in Times of Crisis.

A crisis can hit at any time, ranging from a worldwide pandemic to a personal crisis, and how we adapt and manage our emotions is the difference that makes the difference.

There’s quite a difference between being swept up in the emotion of the event versus having an awareness of being caught up in the emotions.

Empowering Leaders Summit

Alexandra was one of 7 extraordinary speakers on this FREE online summit – LEADING IN TIMES OF CRISIS – held on Tuesday 12th May.

She collaborated with eight powerful and passionate leaders, bringing their unique areas of expertise and knowledge to a live-streamed, full-day, conversational style forum.

This forum provided the tools, skills and solutions for individuals and teams, helping them to thrive through times of uncertainty.

Alexandra also lead and facilitated the lunchtime Conversation Q&A Session for all attendees and audience.

Crack The Human Behaviour Code

Completely fresh insights on how to become a great negotiator, increasing performance, productivity and bottom line.

Drawn from three (3) decades of negotiation,  working with Prisoners, Offenders, Victims of Crime & Witness Protection, People with severe disabilities and mental illness, People at risk, Addicts, Professionals, Politicians both State and Federal, Victims of Domestic Violence, Longterm Unemployed, Homeless…….to name a few.

Self Belief vs Taking Action

Insights for individuals and teams on how to take action and reach maximum potential, using the codes and patterns of human behaviour.

Dealing and Adapting to Change

Understanding the reasons behind change resistance.

How to let go of old patterns and bad habits, building confident, individuals and teams with an appetite and enthusiasm for change