Startup Fog? Get Clarity and Launch With Confidence

Turn Vision into Actionable Plans. Build Your Business, Your Way.

Business Planning

Craft a rock-solid plan, develop winning strategies, and secure long-term success. My Services include:

  • Market Analysis & Competition: Know your landscape and stand out.
  • Strategic Planning & Goals: Chart a clear course for success.
  • Growth Strategies: Scale your business and achieve your ambitions.
  • Sustainability Planning: Build a business that thrives for the long term.

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Idea Development

Transform concepts into action plans. Don’t let brilliant ideas stay on the shelf. My services include:

  • Idea Refinement: We’ll sharpen your vision and assess feasibility.
  • Business Model Development: Craft a winning model for success.
  • Prototyping & MVP Creation: Test your concept in the real world.
  • Strategy Development: Turn ideas into a clear roadmap for growth.

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After securing my first leadership role, I knew I needed support and guidance. Alex was the first person I knew that had experience and knowledge in behavioral psychology and leadership mentoring.

Alex has been fantastic throughout my time with her, always professional but also amazing at creating a connection with you.

Her knowledge and skills have helped me be in a better position as a leader and I can use my questionnaire results to enhance my skills as a leader.

Thank you Alex for being amazing.

Alexandra has been a mentor and coach for me for 1.5 years and in that time, I have gained so much knowledge and clarity in terms of how I can be a better coach and human being. Her understanding of human behaviour, facilitation, interaction is state of the art content. She exceeds expectations and goes above and beyond her role as a Coach & mentor. Her knowledge of different subjects goes down deeper than the average teacher, she really gets to the core and peels back layers to gain further information to the subjects she conducts.

Her warmth, kindness and sensitive approach is absolutely beautiful and she really takes care of her students allowing each person to chat and she responds both professionally and ethically. Alexandra is amazing and I just love learning and watching her journey.

As a mentor, Alex sets up the agreement frame and the tone for the session really well. She showed so much care, attentiveness and empathy, acknowledging and validating me all the way through. I felt she was a match for me almost immediately as she has this innate ability to establish and build rapport by engaging me through the questions she asks.  While confronting, Alex challenges me to go deeper into the underlying issues to find what’s really going on so that we can then find ways to move through and forward.