How to enhance performance that leads to results and higher levels of success.

Research shows that people are substantially less happy (57%) when their mind is wandering rather than when they’re on purpose and are fully focused on the work at hand (65%).

When people perform an activity that is in alignment with their values and core beliefs, this then helps them to feel motivated, inspired and empowered to think effectively and outside the box, boosting enthusiasm for the job at hand, performance, creativity and productivity.

Some things to consider:

  1. Match people’s skills set to the task at hand
  2. Challenge existing thinking, skills and ineffective strategies. Why not add a new skill? Choose an area already skilled in and add a new challenge to it.
  3. Set a new goal. Adding new goals, gives us reason to complete the task and immerse ourselves in the activity.
  4. Avoid multitasking and interruptions. When we dedicate our full attention to the task at hand and limit interruptions, this makes it easier to focus, achieve and maintain a state of flow.
  5. Focus on the process not the outcome. Enjoy the journey and try not to rush through to achieve the destination. Every part of the process towards achieving an outcome, must be enjoyed and savoured.  Give yourself the flexibility to learn and grow along the way.

When we develop a standard of operation in our head, this then gives us a clear picture of what action to take and what we must focus on. 

Feel good about what you do, because when we feel good about ourselves, this then helps us to produce great results, and great results create positive momentum and positive momentum encourages high morale, boosting performance and productivity.