The success of any project largely depends on the efficiency and effectiveness of its communication strategy and network. 

Communication commences from the start and must continue throughout. 

When developing a communication strategy, consider the following: 

  • Who needs to be informed? (team members, executives, stakeholders or clients?) 
  • For what purpose do they need to be informed? 
  • HOw will they benefit and contribute to the success of the project? 
  • What kind of communication will be required? (Team and management meetings, project updates?)
  • How frequently will communication be needed? (Weekly? Bi-weekly? Monthly?)
  • What details must be communicated? (meeting notes, progress, risk, problems, successes)
  • Who needs to know what? (eg. does the CEO need to know about a delivery issue? Budget overspend?) 

Utilising and planning in conjunction with whom you have on your team, is effective, efficient and strategic.  

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by Alexandra Egan
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