Do you have a strategic process in place to help you allocate, manage and measure people’s work?  

Allocating specific roles, tasks and/or actions to team members must always be strategic; it really matters to be able to match the right skill sets with the right people for all the right reasons. 

There are many tools that can be used to help allocate work. The skills analysis is one of them. It’s a very useful tool because you can see at a glance who has what skills and therefore who can be allocated to what task.

It’s also great for quickly identifying the level or skill ability each team member has. This is really important for tasks where there is no one in the team with the right skill match for the required task but, where an individual holds the skill at a lower level then there’s room for extra training to get that person up to the skill level for them to be able to perform the task as required.

Click HERE to access the Skills Analysis template. 

Print it out.  Contextualise it. Make it work for you. For your team. For your business. 

Share it with other managers, leaders, teams.  

I trust this has been useful and that it brings some value and insights and maybe leads to some action and change around this topic for you.

Link to PDF HERE. 


by Alexandra Egan
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