A project rarely goes to plan. Influenced by internal and external challenges and obstacles,  there are going to be times and certain elements within a project that fail or fall short of expectations. 

Every day a challenge or issue presents itself. The best way to manage it: 

👉Step back. 

👉Check your issues/obstacles log

👉Has this issues/obstacle occured before? If so…

👉What action did you take? Did it work? If not…

👉Explore what other ways can improve the situation. 

Situations can be improved by re-adjusting and re-adapting our approach and our attitude. 

I like to have a contingency plan in place to prepare for those unexpected or re-occurring issues/obstacles.  

To do this, I keep an issues/obstacle log. It’s an effective and efficient way to record, learn from and prepare for future contingencies, should issues arise or re-occur. 

CLiCK HERE to access the Issues Log Template

🖨️Print it out. Share it. Contextualise it. Make it work for you. For your business.

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by Alexandra Egan
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