Questions are incredibly powerful tools, if done right. 

Asking the right questions and asking the questions right helps us to focus, understand and drive a conversation in a certain way with the intention to achieve the right results and more importantly avoid any unexpected surprises down the track. 

Most people, when asked a question, feel defensive, maybe even hostile and will do anything to defend their identity and justify their behaviour. How’s that for an obstacle to change?

This is why it really matters to know ‘how to ask questions effectively’. 

When we learn how to ask great questions, in the right way, this then helps:  

➡️Create a safe space for exploration, curiosity and growth

➡️Creates a deeper understanding of where someone is coming from, rather than guessing and making assumptions about what is important to them

➡️Builds powerful trust and rapport

➡️Fills the gap between where people are and where they want to be

➡️Creates a special space to explore new ideas, possibilities and/or new territory

➡️Emphasize, minimise and/or change the size of any problem/challenge/obstacle

➡️People think more clearly and efficiently

➡️Foster the development of deeper and more creative thinking

➡️People feel valued and strengthens connections

Instead of trying to find a solution, why not take some time and generate great questions around the issues. 

It’s so much more effective to ask the right questions than to have all the answers. 

Download the infographic HERE. 

Print it out. Put in shared areas. Contextualise it. Make it work for you. For your business. For your Team. 

I trust this has been useful and that it brings some value and insights and maybe leads to some action and change around this topic for you.


by Alexandra Egan
Domino Effect Consulting & Facilitating –  R.E.S.E.T Your Thinking
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