Collaborating with stakeholders is vital to the success of every project because successful projects do not exist in isolation.

For a project to be successful there must be project stakeholders, and project stakeholders are individuals, businesses and organisations whose interests may be positively or negatively affected by the project and are actively involved in the success of the project. 

Take the time and identify who needs to be involved before starting any new project:

👉 Identify the stakeholders that need to involved

👉 Are they internal or external?

👉 Assess their purpose, interest and commitment

👉 Assess their power – will their involvement help or hinder?

👉 Are they onside or offside?

👉 Assess their interests and its impacts on how they think and act

👉 Assess their needs, their wants, and remember to categorise them

Conduct a stakeholder analysis, to unpack, flesh out and design a project team for success. Consider: 

👉Their Interest and motivation

👉What’s in it for them

👉Expectations, standards, boundaries


👉Authorities, Power

👉Probable outcomes: beneficial, negative

👉How does everyone on the team contribute  i.e. their expertise, 

👉Previous history, knowledge, relationships…

If you conduct a stakeholder analysis then this helps to position everyone on the team according to their degree of opposition or support for the project. 

Use the Stakeholder Analysis Tool below and identify who will influence your next project and how.

CLiCK HERE to access the Stakeholder Analysis Tool. 


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by Alexandra Egan
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