Making a good assessment is not just about working out which questions to ask or which questions to include, It’s so much more than that…

To create a great assessment, you must first be clear on: 

  • The benchmark – the big picture – the overall purpose because when you have a clear understanding of the benchmark you can then work out why you’re doing something and how it will all fit  into the bigger picture. 
  • The evidence/information required – this is the information that is matched against the benchmarks 
  • When you understand the evidence/the information, then you can start to work out the right methods to collect the information required (essentially working backwards)
  • Once you understand and have a clear picture of the right methods, you’re well on your way to create the tools/instruments (the assessment) you need to gather the right information

So, as you can see, when it comes to developing tools and instruments, it’s so much more than simply throwing a few questions together and hope for the best.    

Until you know and are crystal clear on all of the above, then you’re really not in the position to start developing an assessment tool that is going to be effective, efficient and provide you with all the right information you need. 

CLICK HERE to access an Assessment Plan Template.

I use it for:  

  • Project Management
  • Training
  • Developing online courses
  • Writing a book
  • Team development, performance assessment
  • Marketing
  • Starting new projects…( to name a few)

Print it out. Contextualise it. Make it work for you, your team, your business. 

To access the ‘Assessment Plan Template’ click HERE.