How to Identify the right skills that need to be learnt or developed.

To get the best out of your people means correctly identifying and matching their skills and knowledge to that of the organisation.

Correctly identifying learning needs is critical to driving growth, change and innovation, in a more visible and targeted way.

Without a structured process in place and with set criteria, chances are, the training provided may end up being ineffectual, inappropriate and more significantly a safety issue. 

Some organisations are reluctant to support training.

Others, simply do what they’ve always done, reacting to demands as they arise. A bit like  ‘the squeaking wheel gets the grease’.

And then there are those organisations who overdo training by following fads and fashions.

Successful organisations on the other hand, aim for, and achieve, a balance between formal and an informal approach addressing the right learning and skills needed for continuous improvement and development.

Learning needs can be identified in various ways. In the table below you will notice a range of areas to be considered when trying to identify the skills that may need to be learnt and/or developed.

Identifying gaps between the skills available and those required must be the immediate focus; once a skill deficiency has been identified, then ways of addressing it should be jointly decided.

I trust this has been useful and that it brings some value and insights and maybe leads to some action and change around this topic for you.